A Willing Savior for Unwilling Sinners

Thank God Jesus was willing to give His life. A Willing Savior came for unwilling sinners. Paul David Tripp does an amazing job today in his devotional “O Come Let Us Adore Him, Dec. 2) in describing our unwillingness as a sinful people who want our own way. Here is how he describes our unwillingness:Continue reading “A Willing Savior for Unwilling Sinners”

Welcome – A little About Me

Hey there. I am David. I love connecting with people through speaking, writing, and sharing insights in conversation. I am learning to be a good listener as well. I am learning to ask better questions of myself and others. I always want to keep growing and learning. So starting this blog is somewhat a helpContinue reading “Welcome – A little About Me”

Advent Devo – O Come Let Us Adore Him

O Come Let Us Adore Him! I invite you to do just that with me over this Advent and Christmas season. Advent is the season in the church calendar leading up to Christmas. Advent means “arrival” or “coming”. It speaks to the Arrival of Jesus coming to earth as child, who would become a man,Continue reading “Advent Devo – O Come Let Us Adore Him”