What a beautiful waste!

Holy week 2022 – Wednesday – Extravagant Devotion vs. Unholy Betrayal and Opposition Questions to Ponder: What is worth wasting your life for? What do you have extravagant commitment to/for? Is there any self interest/betrayal still alive in your heart?

You Better Be Ready

Holy Week 2022 – Tuesday – A Full Day of teaching from Jesus There is some really amazing thoughts here as I reflect on Jesus’ last full day of teaching before the cross. It was a full day – questions on his authority, a powerful parable on the tenants, questions about taxes, and a warningContinue reading “You Better Be Ready”

What is God up to?

I have a sincere desire to see God at work in me, around me, and through me. I know much of our Christian experience is lived in practical daily and sometimes mundane moments. And yet there has always been a hunger for more – to see the supernatural become natural. There have been seasons ofContinue reading “What is God up to?”


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