Good Friday – Good, Good Father

Holy Week 2022 – Good Friday If you did not know about the resurrection, then Good Friday does not seem very good at all. It seems nothing more than a tragedy. A man named Jesus seemed to make such a difference in the world around him. He loved so well, especially those who often seemContinue reading “Good Friday – Good, Good Father”

An Unforgettable Week of Prayer!

In March of 1999, at the age of 29, I began the first week as pastor of then St. Simons Community Church (now by calling our people to pray. If I remember correctly we had a prayer meeting each evening at 7 pm Monday – Thursday. It was very meaningful and sweet for me.Continue reading “An Unforgettable Week of Prayer!”

5 Lessons from the “Land Between” (Pt. 2)

Welcome back, or maybe welcome for the first time. I started to blog last time regarding 5 lessons I am learning as I am between my old job as the lead pastor of Community Church (on the coast in South Georgia) and a new role as the lead pastor of Church on the Hill inContinue reading “5 Lessons from the “Land Between” (Pt. 2)”